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Nutty Rice

This recipe gives you options for adding variety to your rice. It has a wonderful nutty flavor especially if you use reserve liquid from cooking beans, and a great variety of texture. You can substitute Nutty Rice for plain rice in most recipes. It’s also delicious all by itself.



1-half-cup brown rice

1-quarter cup wild rice or other variety of rice

1-quarter cup lentils (brown or orange)

2-cups water or reserved liquid from steaming vegetables OR 2.5 cups reserve liquid from cooking beans



Follow the directions for cooking brown rice. Note: wild rice and certain exotic rice varieties take longer to cook than standard brown rice, so you need to adjust the amount of water and cooking time accordingly. Also, when you cook rice with reserved liquid from cooking beans it will not absorb as fully as plain water or reserve water from cooking vegetables, so you need to adjust the proportions accordingly.


Feel free to mix and match the ingredients until you reach a mixture that you like.


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