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Feline Wisdom - 2/13/06

You humans are pretty smart, you know how to open those cans of food and all. But sometimes, you forget about the things that are really important, like purring, and belly rubs and sunbeams. Sometimes we cats have to remind you that it's OK to slow down and enjoy life a little bit.


So this past Christmas, my sister Daisy & I decided that we would put together some of our best nuggets of Feline Wisdom as a holiday present. I figured that these things are good to remember throughout the entire year, so I decided to post them on my blog. I hope you enjoy browsing these photos. 

Strive to Maintain Balance in your Life

Always Eat your Greens

Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder

The Best Presents Can't Be Wrapped

Reach For the Stars

"Fit" is a Relative Term

Everything's Better if you Share it With a Friend

It's OK to Just Hang Around Sometimes

Nap as Often as Possible

Find Healthy Ways to Let Off Steam

Be Thankful for the Little Things

Dignity, Dignity... Always Dignity!



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