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Living Beyond Our Means

Americans have one of the highest per-capita incomes on the globe. By the standards of the majority of the world's population, we are incredibly wealthy. But, do we feel wealthy? How many of us even feel financially secure?


Drowning in Debt

The truth is that most Americans are incredibly stressed about money. The average American carries a staggering consumer debt of nearly $7,000! In general we are strung out on credit cards and overwhelmed by expenses that seem to careen out of control. It seems that a greater income level doesn't necessarily equate with a greater level of happiness.


What's wrong with this picture? Why are people surrounded by abundance struggling to make ends meet? The simple answer is that we, as a people, tend to live beyond our means. We live in a culture that tells us that we should be able to have everything we want and have it NOW.


What is the True Meaning of "Success"?

We are flooded with messages that tell us that we are what we have. If we can afford lots of expensive things, we are deemed more successful.


But does this kind of "success" really lead to happiness? Perhaps we need a different definition of success. Wouldn't some financial security make you happier than having the latest gizmo, or fancy new furniture, or an expensive new car?


If we can find ways to not only live within our means, but to actually live beneath our means, we can put ourselves on the path to financial independence and security, and rid ourselves of constant worries over money and bills. Doesn't that sound like "success" to you?


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