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Reclaiming The Kitchen






Why Cook?

These days, most of us were not raised in a household where cooking was a regular part of daily life. We grew up in the age of TV dinners, microwaves and fast food. Somehow we all managed to survive, so why should anybody want to learn to cook?


It's a perfectly reasonable question. In our society, nobody really has to cook in order to feed themselves. Who really has time for cooking anyhow? And for many people, choosing not to cook may be a perfectly reasonable alternative. However, if you do decide to embark on the journey of learning to cook, the rewards are many.


The Rewards of Cooking


Choose Healthier Ingredients

Cooking allows you many more choices of what to eat. When you cook you can choose the ingredients so that you know exactly what you are putting into your body. You can really have control over your consumption of salt, sugar, fat, carbohydrates or anything else.


Home Made Tastes Better

Although the giant marketing machine will try to convince you otherwise, pre-packaged food simply can't compare to home made.


Eat Better Food for Less Money

When you buy pre-made foods, you pay not only for the food, but for the labor and packaging in preparing it. When you cook for yourself, the savings can really add up.



When you cook you get a unique opportunity to connect with people and cultures around the world and across time. And there is no greater satisfaction that being in a warm kitchen surrounded by the aromas of some creation all your own.



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